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Kristen Duncan

VP & Director of Client Services

Since its establishment in 1996, TMN has been a leading provider of trust operations outsourcing solutions and support services to the banking and financial services industry. At the heart of our client service is Kristen Duncan, our Vice President and Director of Client Services.

Kristen champions a collaborative, client-centered leadership approach. She ensures every decision and strategy is crafted with the client’s specific requirements as the highest focus. Kristen finds her work both challenging and rewarding, appreciating the unique priorities and growth plans each business brings. Her main goal is to ensure that TMN delivers projects, initiatives, and services that provide real benefits to our clients’ businesses.

With over 20 years of experience in the trust and financial services industry, Kristen’s career has been vibrant and fulfilling, marked by diverse project work that has provided countless opportunities for learning and growth. Each project has been a unique journey, enhancing her skills and broadening her horizons. This rich tapestry of experience has not only honed her professional abilities but also deepened her appreciation for collaboration and innovation.

Before joining TMN in early 2024, Kristen served as the Head of Trust Operations, where she played a key role in building a successful de novo trust company. Prior to that, she managed a trust operations team at another firm specializing in trust operations outsourcing. Her early career included various roles in trust operations and client relationship management.

Kristen graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Organizational Management and Leadership. She is a lifelong learner who finds great joy in mastering new skills, continually striving to bring the best to her clients and her team.